Edge Candle Holder Brass


Product Information
Edge Candle Holder in brass from MALLING LIVING has a beautiful matte surface. With its minimalistic look, the candle holder fits effortlessly into any home and interior style. Place it on its own, group it with other Edge Candle Holders or mix it with natural materials in a well-balanced still life.

Edge Candle Holder i messing fra MALLING LIVING har en smuk, mat overflade. Med sit minimalistiske udtryk passer lysestagen perfekt ind i ethvert hjem. Brug lysestagen alene, lav en klynge af flere Edge Candle Holders sammen eller lad den indgå i et smukt stillleben. 

Material: Brass
Colour: Brass
Size: L 9 x W 9 x H 5 cm
Shipping2 - 5 work days


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